What vinyl record formats do you press?

We have 12” presses that press 140g vinyl in a variety of black, stock, or custom colors. We also have a 7" press that presses 40g vinyl in black or stock colors only.

What vinyl colors do you offer?

We offer many colors in opaque or translucent options. Check our gallery page for examples.

What is the minimum amount of records you will press? Can you press a single record or make a 'one-off' for me?

The minimum amount of records we press is 300 copies. The fewer amount of records you press, the higher the cost per record becomes.

Unfortunately we cannot press a single record or 'one-off'. Our facility and project flow is designed to accommodate pressing runs of 300 or more records. In reality, even if we did offer this service, it would end up costing an incredible amount of money to obtain the necessary parts (master lacquers, stampers, set up fees, labor, vinyl materials, labels, paper packaging, etc) - it just wouldn’t make reasonable sense for you to pay for those parts/service to make just one record, any more than it makes sense on our end to set up and schedule a press for just one record to be pressed.

If what you're after is a handful of copies on vinyl, we recommend obtaining a “dub plate” or acetate from a mastering/lathe cutting engineer or having the records hand cut. You could also look into short run record pressing plants.

Why do all components of the project (print, music, custom materials, etc) need to be present before you start?

We physically can’t press your project without the labels and stampers. Once your records come off the presses, it’s important that they are packaged and shipped as quickly as possible to minimize exposure to elements. Having your auxiliary materials on site and ready to go when your project is finished with pressing is a must to optimize the safety and quality of your pressing - and gets it into your fan’s hands faster. We take quality very seriously, and absolutely do not schedule press production runs without all materials on site. NO exceptions.

Do I need 2-step plating or 3-step plating?

The main question to ask is: “How big is my pressing project?”

  • 2- Step:

    - Best for smaller to mid size runs, or up to about 6,000 records

  • 3-Step:

    - Best for very large LP runs, or up to 25,000 records

Please note: One set of stampers = ~1,000 records

Stampers most definitely wear out due to repeated pressing (scratched, split, worn down, etc). One set of stampers can typically press about 1000 regular weight records.

How do I evaluate my test pressings?

We have a rigorous Quality Control process for checking tests. It doesn’t happen often but you may catch something that we didn’t, or just have a question.

- I got a Reference Acetate from the person that cut my master lacquer:
Great! You can compare the test and the acetate. They should sound similar, with the finished record having slightly more surface noise and vinyl “character” than the acetate.

- I don’t have a Reference Acetate:
You can compare the test press to your master music file.

Consider the format differences as you listen. Vinyl is inherently noisier than digital. You’ll often notice somewhat smoother high frequency content on vinyl than on digital. This is all part of the sound of a record.

The vinyl playback experience will only be as good as the components you are using to play your vinyl. Try to listen to your test pressings on at least 2 different turntables, with and without headphones.

How much music can fit on a record?

12” (33 ⅓ RPM) ***Best = 18 minutes per side *OK = 20-22 minutes per side Quiet = 22+ min

12” (45 RPM) ***Best = 8-9 minutes per side *OK = 12 minutes per side

7” (33 ⅓ RPM) ***Best = 5 minutes per side *OK = 6 minutes per side

7” (45 RPM) ***Best = 3 minutes per side *OK = 5 minutes per side

Other Notables:
As the length of your side goes up, the volume goes down. Grooves that are louder are physically thicker than quieter, thinner grooves. Therefore, if your side is longer - the grooves have to be cut thinner and subsequently quieter in order to fit it all on the side.

CD’s can be over 70 minutes, but this is impossible for a 12” record - there is only so much physical space to etch the grooves.

Is vinyl mastering necessary?

Absolutely. Vinyl mastering involves engineering audio and cutting a master lacquer which becomes the stamper for your records. Vinyl mastering includes preparing and transferring your audio files, then using a lathe to cut/etch your audio on a master lacquer disk. The mastering engineer safely packages and sends your lacquer to a plant for electroplating.

A good mastering engineer experienced in cutting vinyl will know how to adjust your mix’s stereo field to etch properly and sound great on a vinyl format. CD’s and digital mixes do not have the physical limitations that vinyl does, and if needed, your mastering engineer can manipulate your music so it will fit on an LP vinyl disk without losing sonic integrity.

Cascade does not employ an in-house cutting engineer. We are happy to provide referrals, and accept lacquers cut from any reputable mastering studio. Please have engineers contact us for our electroforming vendors. Do not ship lacquers directly to Cascade.

What can I do to best prepare my music for vinyl?

If you plan to put out your album on vinyl, please bear this in mind:
- Try to limit the sides of your album to recommended optimal timeframes (see guidelines above)
- Try to sequence the record so the loudest or most dynamic song is not last on the side

But mainly, work with a mastering engineer that knows vinyl. It’s the mastering engineers job to know exactly what considerations need to be made to get your music formatted, transferred and cut on to a lacquer. A good engineer will be able to do this with as little processing as possible.

Please check out this video for more information about vinyl mastering and how best to prepare your music for vinyl.

Where can I find your print templates?

Right this way!

What kind of art files do I need to provide?

If you have indicated that you are using Cascade to supply any of your printed materials, please make sure to use our specific templates & guidelines. All artwork needs to have at least a resolution of 300 dpi and CMYK color mode. We recommend sending in your artwork within a month of making the deposit to keep the project on track.

What to do when your artwork is ready:

  • Gather the native files (unflattened, workable files) from your graphic designer
  • Email a link or folder containing the native files to [email protected] with your CP # and artist name in the subject line

Files can be sent via your favorite file transfer service such as Google Drive, Dropbox or WeTransfer. File types accepted are: a print-ready PDF, a Photoshop .psd file, Adobe Illustrator .ai file, a packaged Indesign folder, etc. Do not send JPG files, they will not be large enough.

I want to have download cards available with my record. Can you generate download codes, print cards, and insert them into my jackets?

Unfortunately, we no longer offer hosting or download cards. However, if you provide your own, we can insert them for you. We recommend using Bandcamp, Procards.com or Dropcards.com.

This is my first vinyl record. How do I get started?

  • Get your music finalized and sounding how you want it
  • Book a mastering session with an audio engineer experienced in cutting lacquers. If you don’t know of an engineer, contact us. We have several great recommendations!
  • Your audio engineer will cut your master lacquer and ship it to one of our preferred plating facilities
  • Fill out the Cascade Record Pressing Order Form so we have all the information needed to send you an estimate. Album title, catalog # or any other special notes or requests can be added to the last section of the form.
  • Approve the estimate and pay the 50% deposit to begin your order
  • Work with your Cascade project manager to establish a preferred delivery date and any print we are assisting you with
  • Upon delivery of your stampers, we press a batch of tests and mail them to you. It is your responsibility to review the tests in a timely fashion and let us know when you approve them or if there is something we need to address
  • Once we receive all parts and materials (approval for tests, center labels, jackets, sleeves, download cards, inserts, stickers, etc), we can schedule your project to press
  • After your press run is complete, we assemble the packaging and arrange shipping to the address you have provided. Once this is completed, you will receive an invoice with the remaining balance and shipping costs. Remit payment, then: 1) come pick up your records OR 2) we will ship out your order after payment has been received

What is a Matrix or Catalog number? What is my CP#?

You give us a Matrix or Catalog number:
These are different terms meaning basically the same thing. It can be a combination of letters or numbers created by you to identify your album release (for example: ALBUM_001). This number is etched in between the lead out grooves of your lacquer and becomes a permanent part of your stamper and final pressings.

We give you a CP # / Customer ID:
A CP # / customer identification is assigned to you by Cascade and is used to track your project. You will see this number on your invoices and in email correspondence with us, and you can use that number when referencing your project account with us. Each individual project receives a separate CP # / customer identification number.

Master License vs Mechanical License?

If you use a sample, segment, or cover of another artist’s music on your record, you will need a master license from the owner (the record label, artist, etc) and a mechanical license to pay the royalties.

All licenses must be obtained and provided to us before we will begin manufacturing of your record. Cascade Record Pressing is bound by US Copyright law and industry ethics and will not manufacture records with uncleared samples or covers of other artist’s work.

Master License:
If you're putting someone else's music/recording on your record either as a sample or in it's entirety, you need a master license. This is obtained from the original owner of the actual recording that is being replicated (ie: record label, movie, television, etc). This license pays for the use of the exact replica of material owned by the record label, artist, production company, etc.

Mechanical License:
A mechanical license is needed when you are using either a cover song or are licensing someone else's song so that the royalties can get paid to the writers/publishers. This can usually be obtained through the Harry Fox Agency or Limelight/Song Clearance. If the material is not available through Harry Fox Agency then the publishing company would need to be contacted for this license.

Note: if you are doing a record AND digital download, you must get TWO mechanical licenses per package

Payment Information

Deposit payments of 50% are required in order for a job to be active. Shipping and boxing charges will be reflected on the final invoice. Final payments must be cleared before product ships.

Cascade accepts cash, money orders, ACH payments, checks and all major credit cards.

Wire / ACH Payment

Please contact your representative for instructions on how to send a Wire / ACH payment to Cascade.

Check Payments

Payable to: CASCADE RECORD PRESSING Mail to: 16735 SE Kens CT, Suite A, Milwaukie, OR 97267

Credit Card Payments

Credit card payments can be made via your Quickbook invoice that we will provide once an estimate is approved. Credit card payments will incur an additional 2.75% processsing fee.

Canadian Money Orders

Money orders from Canada must show a bank from the US on the face. It must also have a 9-digit routing number.

Cascade Does Not Accept: PayPal, Canadian Postal Money orders with a 10-digit routing number

**In the event of non-sufficient funds (a bounced check) there will be a $25 fee.

I have a question that is not on this list.

Give us a call at 503-974-9393 or email us: [email protected]

We are here to help and no question is too small or silly. We’ll help you get sorted!

Cascade Record Pressing: Terms and Conditions

Cascade Record Pressing (CRP) requires all customers to agree to the following terms of sales. These terms & conditions are binding for the customer and affiliated Customer ID# of each shipment/order, invoice, and related document provided by CRP. Irrespective of customer's signature, electronic acceptance of this form and/or any payment/deposit made by the customer to CRP indicates the customers full agreement and consent to the terms & conditions.

Customer ID / CP #:

You will be furnished with a "CP #" which confirms your order once it's been received. You must have this number when contacting us regarding your project. We reserve the right to refuse to discuss customer accounts without reference to this number.

Copyright Compliance

CRP wants to ensure that all customers involved have secured the right to use and duplicate sound recordings and images for projects. The customer hereby represents that it owns, controls, or is duly licensed to provide all intellectual property to CRP to use in fulfillment of the customer’s order. The customer hereby grants and authorizes Cascade Record Pressing to the right to use all aforementioned intellectual property in fulfillment of the customer’s order. Further, the customer indemnifies and holds Cascade Record Pressing harmless against any and all claims, suits, liabilities and/or costs incurred as a result of infringement of copyright or claim for royalties related to the customer’s order and/or supplied intellectual property.

Orders submitted to Cascade Record Pressing are audio tested. If we ID your source material contains samples of any kind you may be asked to 1) provide your Master and Mechanical licenses and/or permissions from the artist OR 2) edit out the sample OR 3) your order will be rejected. If the order is rejected, you will be billed for a cancellation fee plus any charges incurred to the point of audio testing.

Compilation / Split Records: If your record features more than one artist, you may be required to verify permissions for release.

It is your responsibility to email or mail any artist agreements with your customer# in the subject box and/ or email them [email protected] after placing your order. Please feel free to have a representative from each band submit written permission to be included when placing your order if you do not currently have arrangements on file.

Deposit and Payment Info

An order will not be processed by Cascade until receipt of a completed order form and the 50% deposit has been paid in full.
Only U.S. funds are accepted. Cascade accepts checks, ACH/wire and all major credit cards.
Payment of remaining balance is due upon completion of the order. The order will not be released until the invoiced balance is paid in full. Shipping charges will be reflected in the final invoice balance.
If certified funds are not submitted, we allow up to 10 business days for payment to clear before processing an order. Returned payments will incur a $35 charge to cover banking fees.
PLEASE NOTE: It is industry standard to prepare for a 10% overage or underage on the final piece count of an order. For example, a 500 piece order will have a final piece count between 450-550 units. Customers will only be billed for units received.

Balance of Payment

The balance of payment for your order is due when your order has been fulfilled and prior to ship out or pick up of your completed project. Please see above for payment options.

Cancelling an Order

In the event that your order is cancelled for any reason you will be charged a cancellation fee of $50, the cost of returning your source materials, plus any other costs incurred (stamper processing, printed materials, etc.) depending on the stage of production the order is in when cancelled.


Invoices outstanding beyond 14 days without terms are subject to $10 per day fee for full pallet and $5 per day fee for 1/2 pallet. The customer agrees to pay all costs of collection incurred by Cascade Record Pressing.

In the event of nonpayment of a invoice balance in excess of 90 days, the customer's product may be sold by Cascade without sharing profits with customer or discarded without notification to the customer.

Turnaround Times

Please contact CRP regarding turnaround times before placing your order. Cascade Record Pressing cannot be held accountable for order delays related to third parties. Jobs will not be scheduled until all project parts have arrived in our warehouse.

We will do our best to adhere to reasonable time frames for production of your record, however there are many factors beyond our control and we cannot guarantee turn times. Please discuss delivery expectations with a representative prior to placing an order and confirm manufacturing shipping timelines with Cascade after your deposit is remitted.

Mastering and Lacquers and Electroforming

Cascade does not currently employ an in house lacquer cutting engineer. Customers therefore need to seek an outside studio vendor of their choice to engage services for lacquers to be cut and sent to one of our Electroforming Vendors. Cascade can provide referrals, but is not responsible for the services rendered from outside Mastering studios. All payment for mastering services must be remitted directly to that studio.

Cascade holds vendor accounts with a number of Electroforming companies who will process your lacquers creating a mother and subsequent metal stampers for the production of your vinyl project. Cascade remits payment affiliated with electroforming directly to preferred vendors. Fees for electroforming will be reflected in your Cascade Estimate and Invoices. Please contact a Cascade representative for recommendations on where to have your cutting engineer ship your lacquers for processing. If you elect to handle your own electroforming direct with a vendor, please note that we accept 2-step or 3-step processing. We discourage 1-step processing and are not responsible if metalwork is damaged as a normal course of manufacturing vinyl.

General metal part guidelines: 1 set of metal per 1000 vinyl pressing cycles.


All Orders are considered COMPLETE if final shipment is within 10% plus or minus the amount ordered. This is industry standard.


Due to manufacturing conditions the weight of each record will vary slightly. Records delivered will be within a plus or minus 10% variance of ordered weight.

Colored Vinyl

Due to vinyl compound chemical composition, some colored vinyl may have a slightly higher noise floor than black vinyl, please discuss with a sales rep prior to placing a stock or custom color order. Additionally, due to manufacturing conditions, please expect that some records in your final production run may have trace colors or faint hues from vinyl material left in the machine from a prior run. This is a normal part of the record making process. Please let your sales rep know if you want a 100% pure stock color (additional charges will apply). Alternatively, if you do not mind "transition colors" please let your rep know and there may be discounts for the set up charges.


All reorders must have 50% deposited in advance of re-press. If parts are remaining from your order (jackets, labels, inserts, etc.) we will use those. In the event that all parts were utilized you will be sold additional parts. Replacement stampers may be required as well.


  • The stamper matrix numbers and the label number must match. Each must be marked either side A and B or side 1 and 2. If stamper and label are not marked properly, Cascade is not responsible for misplaced labels.

  • All labels are baked to eliminate excess moisture and to prevent bubbling. As a result some color change can occur. This is most prominent with PMS colors.

  • We recommend using center labels on both sides of every record pressed. Cascade is not responsible for issues that may result from customer's decisions not to use center labels.

  • Cascade will store any leftover center labels on completed jobs for a 90 day period, unless otherwise instructed by the customer. After 90 days, center labels will be destroyed.


Title and risk of loss of goods shipped shifts to customer and carrier upon shipment arranged by Cascade Record Pressing. All shipping costs will be borne by the customer. It’s highly recommended that the customer carry some form of insurance that will cover loss/damage of goods in transit as CRP does not add any insurance without instructions to do so.

You are responsible for providing your own insurance coverage, CRP's policy does not provide protection for client's parts or music in our possession.

Please prearrange instructions for excess project parts (labels, jackets, stickers, etc) prior to your record's scheduled press date. Excess project parts may be automatically shipped with your order unless otherwise specified to a customer representative. If you’d prefer for CRP to store parts please email us as soon as possible after placing your order(s). We are not responsible for inactive components related to an order in excess of 6 months.

Cascade will ship to three destinations with each order. For each additional destination Cascade will charge a processing fee of $100. Cascade does not arrange shipping internationally or cover tariffs. Arrangements for international shipping are the customers sole responsibility. Cascade Record Pressing is in no way liable for any charges, fines or damages that may occur related to international shipping.

At the time of your order, please be sure to include shipping instructions for your final product: delivered to Commercial or Residential, delivery hours, location, loading dock accommodations, ability to receive a pallet, other special delivery considerations. We generally use UPS, USPS, and a regional courier. Please tell us if you’d like to arrange an alternative Freight or Shipping option after your order is confirmed and provide the following above information.


  • No Merchandise may be returned to CRP without authorization from your customer service representative.

  • If there is a problem with your order CASCADE requires you send in 10 records so we can get fair sample of your run of records. Returns must include your customer number and be shipped via ground service (i.e. USPS Media Mail, UPS Ground etc.) to be eligible for a credit or reimbursement of your return shipping costs.

  • Return shipping costs via ground service can be credited or reimbursed only with a copy of your receipt from the shipping company. Cascade will NOT credit or reimburse shipping costs of returns made by airmail or similar express services.

  • No product will be replaced or credit given after 30 days of the client's receipt of their product.

  • There are no expressed or implied warranties, guarantees, or rebates

Test Pressings

  • Tests pressings are to preview the audio quality of your records and approve them before we begin pressing. All tests have generic CASCADE labels. Test pressings are mandatory when metal lacquers or metal parts are sent in.

  • Standard shipping for test pressings is 2nd day air at $45 per location. Tests may be shipped overnight at $85 per location at the customer’s request.

Plates/Metal Parts

  • Upon Request at the time of order confirmation, stampers can be stored for one year without charge. It is your responsibility to contact CRP within those 12 months to make arrangements for your parts after 1 year has passed. Your parts may be destroyed without notice after a year has passed. One set of stampers is generally viable up to 1000 cycles of pressing. We cannot be held liable for any damage whatsoever and for the condition of materials returned to the customer.

Fulfilment Charges

  • Orders shipped to more than three locations will be subject to fulfilment charges. These charges are $100 per additional location (starting with the third location) and an additional $5.00 per box for the boxes going to the additional locations. These charges begin with the third location and are applicable to all orders with three or more ship locations.

  • CRP will not Ship C.O.D., Parcel Post, or Freight Collect. We CANNOT ship to PO Boxes. Cascade Record Pressing DOES NOT offer international shipping service. Arrangements for international shipping are the customers sole responsibility. Cascade Record Pressing is in no way liable for any charges, fines or damages that may occur related to international shipping.

Storage/ Warehousing

Completed Product:

Cascade Record Pressing is not able to offer warehousing services on production orders. We expect our customers to be prepared to pay for orders upon completion, and to have any instructions or other arrangements related to shipping prepared well in advance. Please communicate with your customer shipping representative all details related to any shipping for your order. Any product left at Cascade Record Pressing for more than two weeks after final invoicing will be subject to a daily storage charge.

Daily storage rates are: Full pallet: $10 per day/ 1/2 pallet: $5 per day

Cascade Record Pressing is not liable for any loss or damages that may occur related to the prolonged storage of completed orders at our facility.

Print or Parts:

Cascade Record Pressing does not offer warehousing services for leftover print. It is the customers responsibility to manage any excess remaining print after fulfillment of an order.

Please communicate with your customer representative if you would like to pick up your extra print, if you would like it shipped to you, or if you would like us to recycle it. Shipping of extra print will be billed to the customer. There is no additional charge for recycling.

Any print left at Cascade Record Pressing for more than two weeks after final invoicing will be subject to a daily storage charge.

Daily storage rates are: Full pallet: $10 per day/ 1/2 pallet: $5 per day

Cascade Record Pressing is not liable for any loss or damages that may occur related to the storage of unclaimed print at our facility.


Cascade Record Pressing reserves the right to retain copies of vinyl records, print product, or other customer order materials at no cost to the customer for the purpose of providing samples and archiving.

***Prices are subject to change without notice.***

These terms & conditions shall be governed by the State of Oregon. Customer agrees to the jurisdiction of the State of Oregon for any action and resolution of any disputes.

By electronically clicking “I accept” during web order or emailing text, I (we) certify that I am (we are) authorized in my (our) capacity to bind my (our) firm for any and all credit privileges that Cascade Record Pressing advances to me (us) as well as to these Terms & Conditions. I (we) agree that all accounts of money due to Cascade Record Pressing is due and payable in accordance with these Term & Conditions. I (we) hereby expressly agree and understand that our action of typing our names in the order form and clicking “I accept” shall constitute our legal and binding acceptance of all terms and provisions hereof. I (we) hereby agree that the terms and conditions hereon will apply and be binding for each and every order I (we) submit. This is a legally binding agreement and will remain binding until revoked in writing signed by both parties.